Dave the Chimp

RETROINTROSPECTIVE Dave the Chimp at Arty Farty Gallery Dave the Chimp began painting in the streets during the 1990’s, but it was on moving to Berlin in 2008 that his distinctive “Human Bean” characters were born. At the time, they were just one of the many things he painted outside while working on his “art career” inside, but it wasn’t long before he realised that people seemed to really love these little orange ‘Beans, and he began to make them the focus of his work, both in the streets and the studio. “RETROINTROSPECTIVE” will be a mini “retrospective”, showing paintings and drawings from the last decade. Many have never been shown in Germany before, and some older pieces that have so far remain hidden will be making their debut. There will also be a heap of brand new works so that even the most hard-core fans of Dave’s ‘Beans will find plenty to get excited about. The title of the show also references Dave’s current project - writing a book, a memoir of the “street art” scene, with the working title “I Kissed Banksy’s Girlfriend”. Having recently turned 50 years old, Dave has been looking back at over a quarter of a century making art in the urban environment, and looking deep inside himself, at who he was and who he has become. “RETROINTROSPECTIVE” opens on Friday 31st May at 18hr Arty Farty Gallery Vogelsangerstr. 195a 50825 Cologne afg-cologne.com